CanICE: A Sea Ice Information Database and Web-Based Portal, 2011–2014

Lead: Lina Assad, Environment Canada

Sea ice exerts important seasonal effects on weather and climate, marine ecosystems, the safety of marine transportation, northern communities, and offshore resource development and exploitation. Whether preparing policy or regulations, assessing the impacts of activities on ecosystems, designing sustainable infrastructure, or planning and conducting safe and secure shipping, information about sea ice conditions is vital given the variable and harsh Arctic marine environment. Environment Canada, in partnership with several universities, is creating a publically accessible database that captures existing information on BREA-relevant sea ice features including extent, concentration, type, characteristics, and extreme ice hazards. Access to the database will be through the Polar Data Catalogue. The quality-controlled, interoperable database will enable online, open access to historical and current sea ice information, and will allow others with sea ice information to add data to this central information source.