Distribution and Thickness of Different Sea Ice Types and Extreme Ice Features in the Beaufort Sea, 2011–2015

Lead: Christian Haas, York University

Among the most serious challenges to operating in the Beaufort Sea are widely varying sea ice types and severe ice conditions. This project is using electromagnetic surveys and drift beacons to perform large-scale airborne ice thickness surveys to quantify the thickness and regional distribution of multi-year ice and extreme ice features in the Southern Beaufort Sea. The results of this research will improve understanding of how sea ice moves in response to winds and currents, and will contribute to the development of tools to predict ice drift. Being prepared for any and all eventualities is one of the realities facing regulators and industry contemplating offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling.


The 2012 field report is now available Distribution and Thickness of Different Sea Ice Features and Exteme Ice Features in the Beaufort Sea: 2012 Field Report