Characterizing Deformed Multi-Year Ice in the Beaufort Sea, 2011–2015

Lead: Michelle Johnston, National Research Council

Although there is growing evidence that the polar pack is decreasing in extent and thickness, icebergs, ice islands, and thick, deformed multi-year ice continue to pose a hazard. This project, led by the National Research Council of Canada, is describing the thickness and strength of extreme ice features in the Beaufort Sea at ice depths of up to 12 m, where no information currently exists. The research will provide information needed to better engineer structures to withstand the impacts of deformed multi-year ice. Increased knowledge of dangerous ice features will also enhance the decision-making capacity of regulators and industry.


The interim project report is now available Quantifying the Properties of Hummocked Multi-year Ice

Seasonal Changes in the Full-thickness Temperature of Multi-year Ice