Overwintering in the Beaufort: Assessing Damage Potential to Vessels, 2011–2013

Lead: Anne Barker, National Research Council

Vessels containing and/or storing fuel are frozen into ice that is anchored to the shoreline (land-fast ice) throughout the Beaufort region over the winter months. The practice, called over-wintering, has raised concerns in some Northern communities about the potential for fuel spills. This project is assessing whether vessels or barges experience any significant damage when overwintering in land-fast ice, which could pose environmental risks. The information will be used to make recommendations to Inuvialuit communities and regulators on the best ways to reduce the likelihood of damage to vessels overwintering in ice in the nearshore region of the Beaufort Sea.


The final project report is now available Overwintering of Barges in the Beaufort - August 2012