Social, Cultural, and Economic Indicators

In order to effectively mitigate resource development pressures in the region, social, cultural, and economic factors must be considered as an integral part of any mitigation or preparatory framework. There is a need to examine the social, cultural, and economic impacts from Beaufort Sea resource development. In order to accurately determine impacts baseline data must be collected to match indicators based on the region’s social, cultural, and economic objectives and analyzed in relation to predicted impacts from resource development.

This Working Group developed social, cultural, and economic baseline data and indicators for the Inuvialuit Settlement Region that will assist in identifying the potential and actual impacts associated with offshore oil and gas activities.

The group provided a baseline from which long-term effects associated with offshore oil and gas development can be monitored and measured. The monitoring of these indicators and their effects will enable proactive mitigation measures to be identified and implemented to address potential negative impacts and reinforce positive effects of oil and gas activities in the region.

Measuring the Effects of Major Projects in the Inuvialuit Settlement Region

Read the final report of the Social, Cultural and Economic Indicators Project  here.